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Gambas Wiki Markup Syntax

The Gambas Wiki markup syntax is the Gambas markdown syntax with a few custom tables and special commands added. So read the documentation of Gambas Markdown Syntax first.

Special tables

The wiki provides the following predefined class tables:


This is a text surrounded by a rounded box.


This is a message with a critical error icon.


This is a message with an information icon.


This is a message with a warning icon.


This is a message with a tip icon.


This is a message with a "Visual Basic" icon.

Use it when explaining a difference between Gambas and Visual Basic™.

Special commands

@{since <version>}

Insert a red box with the since <version> text inside. Use it when part of the documentation is meaningful only from a specific Gambas version.

For example, @{since 3.5} will gives you:

Since 3.5


Insert a list of all classes implemented by a component, with links pointing at the classes help pages.

Use it only in a component help page, i.e. whose path is /comp/<component>.


Insert a list of all symbols implemented by a class, and a description of its special methods, with links pointing at the symbols help pages.

Use it only in a class help page, i.e. whose path is /comp/<component>/<class>.


Insert the syntax of a specific symbol of a class.

Use it only in a symbol help page, i.e. whose path is /comp/<component>/<class>/<symbol>.


The name of the current class.

Use it only in a class or symbol help page.