_Connection.Edit (gb.db)

Function Edit ( Table As String [ , Request As String, Arguments As , ... ] ) As Result

Returns a read/write Result object used for editing records in the specified table.

  • Table is the table name.

  • Request is a SQL WHERE clause used for filtering the table (without the WHERE keyword).

  • Arguments are quoted as needed by the SQL syntax, and substituted inside the Request string

The last feature allows you to write requests that are independant of the underlying database type.

Once you have gotten the Result object, you can modify some of its fields. Then you can call the Result.Update method to send the changes to the database (i.e. omitting the corresponding UPDATE SQL statement).


DIM hResult AS Result
DIM sCriteria AS String
DIM iParemeter AS Integer

sCriteria = "id = &1"
iParameter = 1012


' Same as "SELECT * FROM tblDEFAULT WHERE id = 1012"
hResult = $hConn.Edit("tblDEFAULT", sCriteria, iParameter)
' Set field value
hResult!Name = "Mr Smith"

' Update the value

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