This component allows you to take part in the D-Bus system.

Autor Benoît Minisini.

Clase Descripción
DBus This class manages the connection to the session or the system bus.
DBusApplication This class represents an application connected to a bus.
DBusConnection This class represent a connection to the D-Bus system or session bus.
DBusFile This class implements the h DBus datatype that encapsulates a file descriptor.
DBusObject This class is the parent class of all objects that can be exported to a D-Bus bus.
DBusObserver This class allows to catch any message sent by a D-Bus bus to any application.
DBusProxy This class is a proxy to a D-Bus object exported by another application.
DBusSignal This class allows to catch any signal raised by any application on a D-Bus bus.
DBusValues This class represents a list of several DBus values.
DBusVariant This class aims at being the parent class of all values having a specific D-Bus signature.

By using this component, you will be able to:
  • Call any method and properties of any application connected to D-Bus.

  • Catch any signal sent by any application connected to D-Bus.

  • Export your own objects to a D-Bus bus.

  • Emit D-Bus signals.

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' Lock the screen

' Check if compositing is active
If DBus["org.kde.kwin"]["/KWin"].compositingActive() Then Print "Compositing is active!"

' Get a password from KDE wallet
Dim sLocalWallet As String = DBus["org.kde.kwalletd"]["/modules/kwalletd"].localWallet()
Dim sWalletId As String = DBus["org.kde.kwalletd"]["/modules/kwalletd"].open(sLocalWallet, Application.Title)
Dim sPassword As String = DBus["org.kde.kwalletd"]["/modules/kwalletd"].readPassword(Application.Name, sWalletId, "login", Application.Title)

' Set the geometry of the KMail window
DBus["org.kde.kmail"]["/kmail/kmail_mainwindow_1"].geometry = [0, 24, 1024, 768]

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