This component allows you to:

  • Use desktop-agnostic routines based on xdg-utils to open files, send mails, manage the screen saver...

  • Send keyboard events to the window having the focus.

  • Store and retrieve passwords in the KDE wallet or GNOME keyring, according to the desktop environment in use.

  • Manage top-level windows, by following the window manager specifications.

Requires Graphical form management, gb.image.


Desktop This class allows you to use desktop-agnostic routines based on the freedesktop standards and xdg-utils project.
DesktopFile This class handles KDE/gnome "application launch files" or configuration files describing how a particular program is to be launched, how it appears in menus, etc. These are the ".desktop" files as defined by the freedesktop standard.
DesktopMime This class handles the file MIME database as defined by the freedesktop standard.