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This component allows to make a web application based on a CGI script.

It manages:

  • HTTP requests with the Request class.

  • HTTP response with the Response class.

  • Session management with the Session class.

  • ASP-like HTML pages rendered on the server-side.

Author BenoƮt Minisini.


Application Returns information about the CGI application.
CGI This class is used for managing the CGI interface.
JS This class is used as a static function to transform any Gambas value into Javascript.
JSON This class allows you to decode and encode the JSON format. See for more information.
JSONCollection This class represents a JSON object.
Request This class is used for managing the HTTP request.
Response This class is used for generating the HTTP response.
Session This class is used for managing sessions.
URL This class provides static utility methods that deal with URL strings.
WebPage This class implements the Gambas JSP-like dynamic html page.

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