FileCompletion (gb.form)

This class implements automatic file completion.

Esta clase hereda Completion.

Esta clase es instanciable.

Inherited properties
Delay   Return or set the delay in milliseconds between a keypress and showing the completion popup. The default is 350.
Editor   The TextBox or TextArea to offer completions for.
Icons   The array of icon names to be displayed in the popup box next to the completion suggestions in the List property. The names are looked up in the Picture cache.
List   The array of completion suggestions in the popup box.
Start   The character position inside the Editor at which the popup list will be displayed.

Fill   This method fills the internal completion popup list with all files and directories whose path starts with Text.

Inherited methods
Close   Closes the completion popup.
Open   Opens the completion popup.

Inherited events
Activate   Raised when a completion has been chosen from the list popup.