ComplexLogger (gb.logging)

Esta clase se puede usar como un objeto creando una instancia oculta bajo demanda.

Esta clase es instanciable.

Esta clase se puede usar como un/una función.

Enabled   Returns or sets the status of the ComplexLogger. If set to False, every call to Log will be ignored.
Format   Sets or returns the format for log messages produced by the Logger object.

Begin   Initializes the ComplexLogger. You need to call this method before logging anything, it will make sure that the Handlers are available and ready to be written.
Close   Closes all the handlers, and clears the resources. No messages can be logged after calling this method.
Log   Notifies the handlers added to this ComplexLogger to log sMessage, but only if isEnabledFor of the handler returns True for iLevel.
addHandler   Adds hLogHandler to the list of handlers this ComplexLogger will write to.

This class provides a modified Logger which can output to multiple LogHandlers.

Useful if you want to write to two separate log files, each with a different log level, log only important messages and print to stdout the debugging information, or even write your own handlers to send the messages over the internet or a serial connection.