MediaContainer (

A MediaContainer allows to group several MediaControl together so that they act as one sole control.

By default, a MediaContainer has no input, no output. So to make it look like a normal control, you must use the AddInput and AddOutput methods that will take inputs and outputs from the child controls and use them as inputs and outputs for the container.

Esta clase hereda MediaControl.

Esta clase es instanciable.

Esta clase actúa como un array de lectura / escritura.

Children   Return a virtual collection of all MediaContainer children.

Inherited properties
Handle   Return the internal GStreamer handle associated with a MediaControl.
Inputs   Return the name of all inputs.
Name   Return or set the name of the MediaControl.
Outputs   Return the name of all outputs.
Parent   Return the parent of the control.
State   Return or define the state of the MediaControl.
Tag   Return or set the MediaControl tag.
Type   Return the type of the MediaControl.

AddInput   Choose an input of a child control that will act as an input for the container.
AddOutput   Choose an output of a child control that will act as an output for the container.

Inherited methods
GetLastImage   Return the last image displayed by a video output control.
GetLink   Return the description of an input or output from its name.
LinkLaterTo   Link the current control to the Target control as soon as a new output appears on it.
LinkTo   Link an output of the current MediaControl to the input of the Target MediaControl.
SetWindow   This methods tells the MediaControl to draw its output inside a specific GUI control.

Inherited events
State   This event is raised when the state of the control has changed.