This component is a simplified interface to the GStreamer library.

It allows to play, convert, transform... multimedia data from any source to any format by linking plugins together.

It works by creating a graph of MediaControl linked together that will process some video or sound data.

Each MediaControl has a Type and Inputs/Outputs that allows to link it to other MediaControl. The data flows from MediaControl through their outputs to other MediaControls through their inputs.

MediaControl are linked with the LinkTo and LinkLaterTo methods.

A MediaControl is actually the Gambas name of a GStreamer element. So read the GStreamer documentation to learn how to deal with GStreamer!

Auteur Benoît Minisini.
Nécessite gb.image.

Classe Description
Media Generic methods and constants.
MediaContainer A MediaContainer allows to group several MediaControl together so that they act as one sole control.
MediaControl This class is the equivalent of a GStreamer plugin.
MediaFilter This class implements the GStreamer capsfilter plugin.
MediaLink This class represents a link between two MediaControl objects.
MediaMessage This class represents a GStreamer message received on a MediaPipeline bus.
MediaPipeline This class implements a GStreamer "pipeline".
MediaPlayer This class implements a fully functional media player.
MediaTagList This class represents a list of tags.
MediaType This class describes a specific MediaControl type (or GStreamer plugin).