Auteur (C) 2017-2019 Tobias Boege .
Nécessite Gestion du XML, gb.xml, gb.util.

Classe Description
Rss This class represents an RSS document. Its properties are those of its single element. It acts like an array of RssItem objects. Add your items in order and then call the ToString() method to get the XML document string.
RssCategory This class represents an RSS category. The RSS specification does not provide a standard set of categories. You can invent your own (site-specific) categories.
RssCloud This class can be used to specify a web application implementing the rssCloud interface. An rssCloud application notifies its registrees of changes in subscribed RSS channels.
RssDate This class represents a date in RSS. It is comprised of a Gambas Date and a Zone timezone string. Since dates are absolute in Gambas, the timezone is only used during reading and writing the XML document backing an RSS feed. It does not have to "applied" to the Date in any way by the user of this component.
RssEnclosure This class represents a media attachment to an RSS item.
RssGuid This class represents a GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier) of an RSS item. The RSS specification does not prescribe a particular format. A news aggregator may use this property, if present, to determine whether the item is new.
RssImage This class represents an image which is associated with an RSS feed. The Title and Link properties should be the same as the corresponding ones of the parent Rss object.
RssItem This class represents a single news item. Create an object of this class, fill its properties and add it to an existing Rss object.
RssSource This class describes a foreign source of an RSS item which you included in your RSS feed.
RssTextInput This class represents a text input field which the news aggregator may display with your feed. The RSS specification admits that this element's purpose is unclear and that it may not be widely supported. It can be used as a built-in mechanism to provide feedback to the feed owner's website or as a search box.