MimePart (gb.mime)

This class represents a section of a MimeMessage body.

Esta clase es instanciable.

Esta clase actúa como un array de sólo lectura.

Esta clase es enumerable con la palabra clave FOR EACH.

ContentDisposition   property ContentDisposition As String Returns or sets the content disposition header of the MimePart structure.
ContentEncoding   Returns the content encoding of the message. It is to be used with the Decode function
ContentId   Returns or sets the content ID header of the MimePart structure.
ContentType   Returns the content type header of the MimePart structure.
Count   Returns the amount of structures grouped inside this MimePart message.
Data   Returns the payload of the MimePart automatically decoded.
Disposition   Returns or sets the disposition of the MimePart structure.
FileName   Returns the file name of the attachment as defined by the Content-Disposition header. NULL if it is not set.
Headers   property Read Headers As comp/gb.mime.MimePart.Headers Returns the headers of the structure as a read/write MimePart.Headers structure.
Message   Returns or sets the message part of the MimePart structure.

Add   Sub Add ( Part As MimePart ) Adds Part to the current structure as a child.
ToString   Assembles the original MimePart structure back from it's components.