Autor Tobias Boege.

Clase Descripción
Attr Attr is used as a parameter to set the attributes of text.
Border Use line drawing characters to draw the border around the screen Use ascii characters to draw the border around the screen (-|+) No Border
Color Terminal color is represented by means of "color pairs". These are just numbers, from 0 to Color.Pairs - 1 (0 being the default for everything) that are associated to a foreground and to a background color and are used as attributes for characters on the screen. Similarly, all colors - see the color constants in this class which represent the ANSI standard ones - are just numbers from 0 to Color.Colors - 1 which are, connected to RGB values.
Key This is similar to the other key classes. It takes a character and returns what would be returned by, e.g., Window.WaitKey() if that character key was pressed on the keyboard. As that is just the ASCII code of that character, this is meant to be a cute alternative to Asc(Key).
Pair This is used to set the foreground and background colors. Usage is Pair[ForeGround, BackGround]
Window A Window is an object that can be used to display text on the screen. In fact, you are not able to reasonably write anything to the screen without a Window involved. Such a Window occupies its own space of memory - it is tied to the screen, but does not share memory with it.


ncurses is for terminal only applications and will give a screen error if you also try to use ANY gui toolkit as it conflicts with various toolkit classes.