This component allows you to play sounds in Gambas.

This component manages up to 32 sound tracks, that can play sounds from memory, and one music track that can play a music from a file. Everything is mixed in real time.

Este componente es obsoleto.
Autores Benoît Minisini, Ahmad Kahmal, Laurent Carlier.

Clase Descripción
CDRom This class allow you to manage a CDROM drive previouly detected with CDRoms class. If the class is instanciated without any parameter, it will use the default system CDROM drive.
CDRoms This class is useful if you want to know the name of CDROM drives detected.
Channel This class represents a sound channel.
Channels This static class is a virtual collection of all sound channels managed by the component.
Music This static class allows you to manage the music track.
Sound This class represents a sound wave loaded in memory.