OpenASB: Management software and Internet cafe LAN-House.

Main features: Support tickets, Terminate program locks the screen quano, Print Monitor, Chat with the Seasons, adjust sound, 18 restrictions apply stations v 0.2.46, Control of Total Staff, Control web access (using Squid) v 0.2.xx, Time control to keep smaller v 0.2.xx, Control of School Time for minors v. 0.2.xx, Off, Off and Reste stations, Executing commands. End Programs at stations, Messaging, Lock box with password control. Activity Log. Free Mode, Postpaid and Prepaid. Monitoring voltages and temperatures of the stations (lm sensor) , Box Mode per employee. Allows different prices per station , Customization of the background stations. Reservation stations. Case reports and accesses.Integrated product sales with inventory control. For Gambas3
Author Atonio Sousa Bessa
License GPL v2 or greater

URL http:/