Desde 3.8

This component allows to display a tray icon inside the system tray.

It supports the following system tray protocols:

The DBus system protocol should be standard, but, alas, KDE and Ubuntu implementations are mutually incompatible! Well done guys.

The component looks at run time which kind of system tray is available, and chooses the accurate protocol.

The gb.dbus component is only loaded if the DBus protocol is used.

Backward-compatibility with the old implementation could not be ensure, because the DBus protocols support less events. So the less common denominator was used, and only three events are raised by the new TrayIcon class: Click, MiddleClick and Scroll.

Autor Benoît Minisini.
Requiere Gestión gráfica de formulario, gb.dbus.


TrayIcon This class implements a tray icon.
TrayIcons This class implements a virtual collection of all TrayIcon objects managed by the application.