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Label & TextLabel

  • TextLabel understands a subset of HTML, not Label.

  • Label interprets a '&' as a shortcut indicator. I think the GTK+ equivalent is '_'.

  • By default, Label is vertically centered and horizontally left aligned (or right aligned for rtl languages).

  • By default, TextLabel is top left aligned (or top right for rtl languages).

  • TextLabel inserts automatically a line break at words boundary. Label does not.

  • If Label.AutoResize is set, the Label width & height automatically fit its contents. But if the Label is vertically centered, then only the width is adjusted, not the height. Not very coherent, but practical. To be more coherent, only the height should be adjusted if the Label is horizontally centered.

  • If TextLabel.AutoResize is set, the height is adjusted according to the width, so that all text is displayed.

  • Be careful with the border size with the previous requirements!