How To Get Started


The easiest way is to install Gambas from your Linux distribution. If Gambas is not yet contained in your distribution then download the distribution from

First Steps

When finished the installation then use Gambas:

  • In a terminal window type "gambas3.gambas".

  • The Gambas IDE will open, select "New project...".

  • Select "Create a graphical application qt", click next,

  • Find a directory where to put the first project, click next.

  • Enter a name for your first project, click OK.

  • Close the tips of the day window.

  • Right click Forms, New, Forms...

  • Find the Toolbox window on the workspace. (type F6 it is not visible)

  • Select the Form Tools.

  • Select one of the object, e.g. a button, place it in the window.

  • Use F4 to display its properties

  • Double click the button the see the code, which will be executed when you click it.

  • Enter a code line e.g.
    PRINT "Hello World. It is now: ";now

  • In the project window find the start button, press it (or press F5 key).

  • An Immediate Window will be created and show the result of the PRINT command in the debug windows.

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