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_Table.Modify (gb.mysql)

Sub Modify ( Table As String [ , Database As String, Engine As String, Charset As String ] )

Alters the column definition from a table.

Table: Is the table to use.
Action: Is the action to execute. One of the following: DROP, ADD, MODIFY, CHANGE.
Symbol: Is the column to use.
Definition: Is the new field definition.


Dim hCon As New Connection

With hCon
  .Type = "mysql"
  .Port = "3306"
  .Host = "localhost"
  .User = "root"
  .Password = "mypass"
  .Name = "Gambas"
End With

hCon.MySQL.Table.Modify("actor", "MODIFY", "first_name", "SMALLINT UNSIGNED")

MySQL statement: ALTER TABLE `actor` MODIFY `first_name` SMALLINT UNSIGNED