Connection (gb.mysql)

Esta clase reimplementa Connection en gb.db.

Esta clase es instanciable.

MySQL   The goal of gb.mysql is to create MySQL specific routines and then send them to the gb.db to be executed.

Inherited properties
Charset   Returns the charset used by the database.
Collations   Return the list of collations available in the database
Databases   Returns a collection of all databases managed by the database server.
Error   Returns the code of the last error raised by the database driver.
FullVersion   Return the full version string of the database server.
Handle   Return the handle of the connection.
Host   Returns or sets the host where the database server resides.
IgnoreCharset   Return or set if the database charset should be ignored.
LastInsertId   Return the value of the last serial field used in an INSERT statement.
Login   Returns or sets the user used for establishing the connection.
Name   Returns or sets the name of the database you want to connect to.
Opened   Returns if the connection is opened.
Options   Return or set the connection options.
Password   Returns or sets the password used for establishing the connection.
Port   Returns or sets the TCP/IP port used for establishing the connection.
SQL   Returns a sqlrequest object on that connection.
Tables   Returns a virtual collection used for managing the tables of the database.
Timeout   Return or set the connection timeout in seconds.
Type   Represents the type of the database server you want to connect to.
Url   Return the connection URL.
User   A synonym for the Login property.
Users   Returns a collection of all users registered in the database server.
Version   Returns the version of the database that the driver has connected to.

Inherited methods
ApplyTemplate   Apply a template to the connection, i.e. replicate the database structure described by the template string into the current database.
Begin   Start a transaction.
Close   Close the connection.
Commit   Commit a transaction.
Copy   Return a copy of the connection object.
Create   Return a read/write Result object used for creating records in the specified table.
Delete   Removes records from a database table.
Edit   Returns a read/write result object used for editing records in the specified table.
Exec   Executes an arbitrary SQL request, and returns a read-only Result containing the result of the request.
Find   Returns a read-only Result object used for querying records in the specified table.
FormatBlob   Format some blob data into a quoted string that can be inserted into a SQL query.
GetTemplate   Return the structure of the database as a template string.
Limit   Limits the number of records returned by the next query.
Open   Opens a connection to the specified database.
Quote   Returns a quoted identifier so that you can freely insert it into a query.
Rollback   Cancel a transaction.
Subst   Creates a SQL sentence by substituting its arguments into a format string.