ReportDrawingArea (gb.report2)

This class implement a DrawingArea style widget for reports

It allow to draw anything you want in it. For example : a chart, or a map or even a dynamic draw.

This class inherits ReportFrame.
This class is creatable.


Methods Events
Return or set if the control is sized to fit to its content
BackGround   Border   BoxShadow   Brush  
Return or set if the cached mode is activated.
DataIndex   Expand   Fixed   Font   ForceNewPage   Height   Id   Ignore   Left   Margin  
Sets or returns the name of the ReportControl.
Padding   Parent   Range   Report  
Allow to return the Hints of the drawing during the Layout event
Tag   Top   Visible   Width   X   Y  
Lower   Move   Raise   Draw  
This event is raised during the renderer layout time.