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Color (gb.web.gui)

This class provides constant for pre-defined colors and color-related methods

This class is static.

Static methods

Returns a color value from its red, green, blue and alpha components.
Change the alpha component of a color and return it.
Black   Blue   Cyan   DarkBlue   DarkCyan   DarkGray   DarkGreen   DarkMagenta   DarkOrange   DarkPurple   DarkRed   DarkRoyal   DarkViolet   DarkYellow   Default   Gray   Green   LightGray   Magenta   Orange   Pink   Purple   Red   Royal   SoftBlue   SoftCyan   SoftGreen   SoftMagenta   SoftOrange   SoftPurple   SoftRed   SoftRoyal   SoftViolet   SoftYellow   Transparent   Violet   White   Yellow