XmlElement (gb.xml)

This class represents an Element in a XML document.

Esta clase hereda XmlNode.

Esta clase es instanciable.

Inherited constants
CDATASectionNode   Const CDATASectionNode As Integer = 4

Métodos estáticos
FromText   Static Function FromText ( Data As String ) As XmlNode

Inherited static methods
Serialize   Static Function Serialize ( Data As String ) As String

AllChildNodes   property Read AllChildNodes As XmlNode
ChildElements   property Read ChildElements As XmlElement
FirstChild   property Read FirstChild As XmlNode
FirstChildElement   property Read FirstChildElement As XmlElement
LastChild   property Read LastChild As XmlNode
LastChildElement   property Read LastChildElement As XmlElement
NextElement   property NextElement As XmlElement
Prefix   property Prefix As String
PreviousElement   property PreviousElement As XmlElement Returns the element immediately preceding this element. If there is no such element, this property returns NULL.
TagName   property TagName As String

Inherited properties
Attributes   Returns a virtual collection of all the attribute nodes of this node.
ChildNodes   A synonym for the Children property.
Children   Returns an array containing all children of this node. If there are no children, returns an empty array.
Element   property Read Element As XmlElement
IsCDATA   property Read IsCDATA As Boolean
IsComment   property Read IsComment As Boolean
IsElement   property Read IsElement As Boolean
IsText   property Read IsText As Boolean
Name   This property returns the name of the node.
Next   Returns node immediately following this node. If there is no such node, this property returns NULL.
NextSibling   property Read NextSibling As XmlNode
OwnerDocument   property Read OwnerDocument As XmlDocument
Parent   Returns the parent of this node. All nodes may have a parent. However, if a node has just been created and not yet added to the tree, or if it has been removed from the tree, this property returns NULL.
Previous   Returns the node immediately preceding this node. If there is no such node, this property returns NULL.
PreviousSibling   property Read PreviousSibling As XmlNode
TextContent   property TextContent As String
Type   property Read Type As Integer
Value   A synonym for the TextContent property.

AppendChild   Adds the node NewChild to the end of the list of children of this node.
AppendChildren   Sub AppendChildren ( NewChildren As XmlNode )
AppendFromText   Sub AppendFromText ( Data As String )
AppendText   Sub AppendText ( NewText As String )
ClearChildren   Sub ClearChildren ( )
GetAttribute   Function GetAttribute ( Name As String ) As String
GetChildrenByAttributeValue   Function GetChildrenByAttributeValue ( Attribute As String, Value As String [ , Depth As Integer ] ) As XmlElement
GetChildrenByNamespace   Returns all the child elements whose namespace prefix matches Name.
GetChildrenByTagName   Returns all the child elements whose tag name matches Name.
InsertAfter   Inserts the node NewChild after the existing node Child.
InsertBefore   Sub InsertBefore ( Child As XmlNode, NewChild As XmlNode ) Inserts the node NewChild before the existing node Child.
IsAttributeSet   Function IsAttributeSet ( Name As String ) As Boolean
PrependChild   Adds the node NewChild to the beginning of the list of children of this node.
RemoveChild   Removes OldChild from the list of children.
ReplaceChild   Replaces the child node OldChild with NewChild in the list of children.
SetAttribute   Sub SetAttribute ( Name As String, Value As String )

Inherited methods
GetUserData   Function GetUserData ( Key As String ) As Variant
NewAttribute   Creates a new attribute node, sets its name and value with the Name and Value arguments, and adds it to the current node.
NewElement   Creates a new element, sets its name and value with the Name and Value arguments, and adds it to the current node.
SetUserData   Associate an object to a key on this node. The object can later be retrieved from this node by calling GetUserData with the same key.
ToString   Function ToString ( [ Indent As Boolean ] ) As String