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Param (gb)

This static class is used for dealing with extra arguments and special methods.

Use it for:

  • Retrieving the value of the extra arguments of a method taking a variable number of arguments, i.e. a method whose argument declaration ends with "...".

  • Retrieving information about the name of the called method in the _unknown special method.

  • Retrieving the event name specified with the NEW instruction.

This class is static.
This class acts like a
Returns the extra argument specified by Index.
static array.
This class is
Enumerates the value of each extra argument.
statically enumerable
with the FOR EACH keyword.

Static properties

Return an array of all extra arguments sent to the method or function.
Returns the number of extra arguments.
Return the event name used with a NEW instruction.
Returns the index for the last parameter in the array.
Returns the name of the unknown class symbol that is just to be used as a method.

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