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Hall Of Fame


Developer Country Have worked on...

Jairo Alonso Badillo Bedoya Columnia
  • Concent game example.

Brandon Bergren USA
  • Porting Gambas on Cygwin.

Fabien Bodard France
  • IDE file/project/picture selector and mascot redesign.

  • The reporting components.

  • The gb.chart component.

  • The component.

  • The gb.scanner component.

Tobias Boege Germany
  • The component.

  • The gb.inotify component.

  • The gb.ncurses component.

  • The gb.openssl component.

  • The gb.test component (co-author).

Andrea Bortolan Italy
  • The ODBC database driver.

Bruce Bruen Australia
  • IDE Packager wizard enhancements.

Gareth Bult United Kingdom
  • WebCam video example.

Daniel Campos Spain
  • The networking component

  • The compression component

  • The old XML component

  • The GTK+ component.

  • The now deprecated VideoForLinux component

  • The PDF component.

Laurent Carlier France
  • The SDL component.

  • The OpenGL component.

  • ArchLinux support.

Carlos F. A. Paniago Brazil
  • Porting Gambas on FreeBSD.

Paul Gardner-Stephen Australia
  • Porting Gambas on Solaris.

Bastian Germann Germany
  • Cygwin package.

  • Debian package.

  • pkgsrc package.

  • Porting on NetBSD and OpenBSD.

  • Portability fixes for Cygwin.

Nigel Gerrard United Kingdom
Brian Grindley USA
  • Scripter enhancements.

Iman Karim Germany
  • Gravity example.

  • GameOfLife example.

Rob Kudla USA
  • The old Gambas Wiki hosting.

  • Mandriva RPM packages maintainer.

  • The gb.pcre component.

Sebastian Kulesz
  • Gambas Debian/Ubuntu packaging.

  • The gb.logging component.

  • The gb.memcached component.

  • The component.

José L. Redrejo Rodríguez Spain
  • Let Gambas compile on all Debian architectures.

  • Allowed the Gambas IDE to make Debian packages.

  • Debian and Linex package maintainer.

Jussi Lahtinen
  • Gambas self-test program.

T. Lee Davidson USA
  • Mailing-list manager

Emil Lenngren Sweden
  • The deprecated old Just-In-Time compiler.

Alexey Loginov Russia
  • Mageia RPM packages maintainer.

Marcelo López Argentina
  • ODBC driver enhancements.

Timothy Marshal-Nichols United Kingdom
  • PictureDatabase example.

  • Printing example.

Pablo Mileti Argentina
  • GNUBoxWorld and Puzzle1To8 examples.

Benoît Minisini France
  • Main developer.

  • Benevolent dictator.

Randall Morgan
  • The gb.gsl GNU Scientific Library component.

Ronald Onstenk Netherlands
  • The find list in the 1.0 Development Environnement

Adrien Prokopowicz France
  • The rewritten gb.xml component.

  • The gb.xml.html component.

Robert Rowe USA
  • Development environment enhancements.

Bruce Steers UK
  • Shell highlighting.

  • TerminalView window commands support.

Philippe Séraphin France
  • IDE Packager wizard enhancements.

Christof Thalhofer Germany
  • Unit test framework.

  • Gambas self-test program.

  • Mailing-list manager.

David Villalobos Cambronero Costa Rica
  • The gb.mysql MySQL specific component.

Paul Wheeler USA
  • English Grammar Check & Clarifications to Wiki entries.

If you are developing anything directly related to Gambas or its IDE, and not on the previous list, or if you find a mistake in this list, write me! And explain me who you are and what you have done, so that I add you to the Hall Of Fame.


Language Translators

Arabic Daif Al-Otaibi
Ahmad Kamal
Brazilian Portuguese Nelson Ferraz
Fermyno Gutierrez
Edison Henrique Andreassy
Catalan Jordi Sayol
Croatian Radoslav Dejanovic
Czech Peter Cernoch
Radek Fryšták
Josef Kubíček
Dutch Peter Mathijssen
Fabrice Mous
Ronald Onstenk
Willy Raets
Farsi Nima Mohammadi
French Benoît Minisini
Galician David Cendal Lago
German Marco Bauer
Mathias Ebermann
Stefan Lang
Klaus-Peter Richter
Greek Alexandros Prekates
Hungarian Balázs Bárány
Indonesian Sahatma Petrus Dolok Marupa Siagian
Rizky Tahara Shita
Italian Dimitri Bellini
Gianluigi Gradaschi
Stefano Palmeri
Maurizio Pozzobon
Vincenzo Virgilio
Japanese Kazutaka Harada
Lithuanian Regimantas Baublys
Norwegian Knut Berg
Polish Wojciech Saltarski
Portuguese Iuri Matias
Luis Minero
Romanian Florin Iacob
Russian Sergey Irupin
Alexander Kazancev
Alexey Loginov
Simplified Chinese Yizhou He
Liang Wei
Li Xiaokong
Slovenian Miha Ambroz
Sometimes German Tobias Boege
Spanish Daniel Campos
Sebastian Kulesz
José L. Redrejo Rodríguez
David Villalobos Cambronero
Swedish Peter Landgren
Traditional Chinese Chunchi Lin
Turkish Fatih Asici
Welsh Kevin Donnelly

If you want to translate Gambas, write me so that I add you on the previous table, and read the How To carefully.

If you want to work on an already existing translation, contact the translators.