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Interpreter limits

That table lists the Gambas interpreter limits.

Note that some limits are immutable, i.e. they cannot be changed without rewriting the interpreter. And some limits can be changed, i.e. it is just a matter of changing the value of the constant in a source file and recompiling the interpreter.

Limit Value Can be changed?
Maximum number of parameters for a function 63 No
Maximum number of parameters for a subroutine 63 Maybe up to 127
Maximum number of parameters for an operator 63 No
Maximum level of expression imbrication 255 Yes
Maximum number of syntax patterns in an expression 1023 No
Maximum length of a symbol 255 No
Maximum number of constants in the same class 65536 No
Maximum number of static or dynamic symbols in the same class 2048 No
Maximum number of functions in the same class 2048 No
Maximum number of different classes used in the same class 2048 No
Maximum number of extern declarations in the same class 256 No
Maximum number of events declarations in the same class 254 No
Maximum number of unknown class symbols in the same class 65536 No
Maximum number of array declarations in the same class 32768 No
Maximum number of local variables in a function 127 No
Maximum level of control structures imbrication 32 Yes
Maximum number of dimensions in an array 8 Yes
Maximum level of controls imbrication in a form 32 Yes
Maximum number of possible comparisons in one CASE instruction 32 Yes
Maximum number of breakpoints 255 Yes
Maximum level of class inheritance 16 Yes
Maximum length of an error message 511 Yes
Maximum number of fields in a structure 255 Yes