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Gambas 3.18.3

What's new?

This release includes some important bug fixes made since the 3.18.2 release.

Compilation and installation

Read the instructions there.

If everything was fine, type "gambas3" to run the development environment.

Enjoy it !



  • Update README files.


Form editor

  • If multiple controls are selected, do not crash when editing common properties if some of the controls are virtual.

  • Allows control properties to be applied when its _DrawWith constant is defined.

Image editor

  • Linear selections can be rotated without crashing now.

  • Saving a selection is now immediately propagated to the settings file.

Project tree

  • Don't trash the current selection when filling the project tree while expanding a parent directory.

Translation dialog

  • Fix incorrect translation files on save.


  • Display the executable path in the message when making an executable.

  • Update translations from master.


  • Fix &= operator optimization on global string variables.


  • +Inf and -Inf do not prevent the next pattern to be a reserved keyword anymore.


  • FileView: Contents refresh is now always forced when neeeded.

  • FileView: Prevent a possible infinite refresh and preview recursion when some properties are read during the Refresh event.


  • TextEditor: Word selection now always stops at non words limits.

  • TextEditor: Diacritics are not word limiters anymore.

  • TextEditor: Triple click now selects the entire line.

  • TextEditor: Correctly handle quotes at the beginning of the line without crashing.


  • Toolbar: Prevent resize infinite recursion.


  • TerminalView: Characters attributes are correctly kept when the screen size changes.


  • Fix automatic arrangement of top-level windows with menus.

  • Correctly enable shortcuts before opening a popup menu, and disable them after closing it.


  • Fix automatic arrangement of top-level windows with menus.

  • Correctly enable shortcuts before opening a popup menu, and disable them after closing it.


  • SpinBox: Fix behaviour when ShowSign or ShowZero property is set.

  • SpinBox: Fix the behaviour when ReadOnly is True.

  • GridView: Painting does not crash anymore when there is no column or no row.

  • TreeView: Don't check item spans until the item Span property is used.


  • Setting enumeration properties of MediaControl works correctly now.


  • Correctly enable shortcuts before opening a popup menu, and disable them after closing it.


  • Correctly enable shortcuts before opening a popup menu, and disable them after closing it.


  • WebRadioButton: Setting the Value property before the parent form is visible works correctly now.

  • Do not export test forms.

  • Allow external links to images (http:// or https://).

  • Allow refresh for hidden controls, as their HTML is now always generated.