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Gambas 3.2.1

What's new

This release fixes some annoying bugs that were still present in Gambas 3.2. Use it instead of the 3.2.0 version.


* BUG: When a top-level source directory actually several components,
  compile the sub-components *after* the main components. This is
  especially important with gb.xml and gb.xml.rpc.

* BUG: Do not leak memory if the _unknown method raised an error.
* BUG: Make the interpreter compile when FFI has been disabled.

* BUG: Like can be used in a Case expression just after the Case keyword

* BUG: Fix bad casting of strcmp() return value to boolean. The same
  security flaw has been found in MySQL recently. See

* NEW: Support for the Mate desktop in Desktop.Open, Desktop.OpenTerminal
  and Desktop.Passwords.

* BUG: Fix bad casting of strcmp() return value to boolean in the Font
* BUG: Panel with an explicit background color now have their own X11
  window so that they can cover any over controls.
* BUG: The child search method now takes clientX and clientY into account.
  Consequently, clicking on TabStrip tab buttons work correctly again.

* BUG: The component is now compatible with the new way of arguments
  handling, and does not crash anymore.

* BUG: ScrollView internal visible flag is correctly set, and so the
  Hovered property returns the right value.

* BUG: Remove an apparently useless type definition, and fix compilation on
  recent Linux kernels.

Compilation and installation

Read the instructions there.

If everything was fine, type "gambas3" to run the development environment.

Enjoy it !

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