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Gambas 3.19.2

What's new?

This release includes some important fixes done since the 3.19.1 release.

Compilation and installation

Read the instructions there.

If everything was fine, type "gambas3" to run the development environment.

Enjoy it !



  • Update AUTHORS file.


  • Project open dialog: Clip branch name when it is too long.

  • System information dialog: Read /etc/os-release first.

  • Code & text editor: Draw editor status for right to left written languages.

  • System information dialog: Search for /lib64 and /usr/lib64 on 64 bits systems.

  • Deleting a file correctly resets the "do not translate" flag.

  • Reverting files now tries four different methods with git.

  • Allows to apply properties of controls declared in the current component project if that component is actually used by the IDE.


  • Update mailing-list URL printed in panic message.

  • Do not crash when printing to the standard error before the project startup class has been set.

  • Fix memory leaks when RDir() fails because of directory access rights.

  • Fix TRY instruction that could leak memory in some cases.

  • Fix a gcc warning.

  • Fix possible file descriptors leak in Task management.

  • Correctly check argument of command-line options that require it.


  • Correctly compile Single division.

  • Fix addition/substraction optimization on dates.

  • Fix INC and DEC optimization.

  • Correctly compile floating point constants that actually are integer.


  • Support for KDE6 password wallet.


  • MenuButton: Keep the font of the hidden shortcut button small so that we do not see it.

  • FileChooser: Fix view change from the popup menu.


  • Don't crash if remembering a password fails. Display an error message instead.


  • TextEditor: Use smaller icons for search and go to line bottom panels.

  • TextEditor: Margin width is correctly updated when setting the Highlight or Mode property.


  • TerminalView: The Exec() and Shell() methods now set the $TERM environment variable with xterm-color by default instead of just xterm.

  • TerminalView: Paste the text/plain contents of the clipboard only.

  • TerminalView: Using RGB color escape sequences now renders blue as expected.

  • TerminalView: Escape sequence colors 100-107 now work correctly.


  • ComboBox: Correctly move the popup above if there is no enough room below.

  • ComboBox: Only left mouse button opens the popup.

  • Desktop: Correctly detect all possible KDE versions.

  • Label: Fix automatic resize when there is some border radius.

  • Paint: Fix TrimText() function.

  • TreeView: Reparenting an item correctly toggles the tree arrows if needed.

  • Kill the possible previous application icon before creating it at startup.


  • Use $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR for storing JIT shared libraries.

  • Automatically erase JIT files at program exit.


  • Add C++20 compilation flag to make gb.poppler compile with poppler-24.05.0.


  • WebTree: The Select event correctly sets the internal cursor to the clicked item (if any).