This component provides data-bound controls.

Author BenoƮt Minisini.
Requires Graphical form management, gb.db, gb.form.


DataBrowser This control is made of a DataView that displays the contents of a parent DataSource object, and a little toolbar that allows the user to browse it.
DataCheckBox This control links a CheckBox to a boolean database field.
DataCombo This control lets you edit the value of a field through another table whose primary key is that field.
DataComboView This control implements a combo-box that allows user to choose a record inside a table.
DataControl This control allows showing or editing the contents of a field through a specific inner primary control.
DataSource DataSource is a Container that provides data from a database to all its children and grand-children recursively: It uses its Table and Filter properties and an open Connection to make a Result object. From this Result, it fills its children controls.
DataView This control implements a TableView that shows the contents of a database table and allows to edit it.

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