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This component allows you to implement network clients and servers in Gambas. It also lets you manage serial port devices.

Author Daniel Campos Fernández.


DnsClient This class implements a simple client for Name/IP resolution services, so you can obtain IP addresses from host names or vice versa.
Net This class provides constant definitions used by the rest of the classes in this component.
SerialPort This class was designed to allow to communicate using a serial interface (usually RS-232 serial port). This class inherits from Stream class, so you can use standard streams methods to send and receive data, and to close the port.
ServerSocket This class listens to a socket, so your program can act as a server for both TCP and UNIX protocols.
Socket This class implements a socket client to allow your programs to connect with socket servers. TCP and Local (Unix sockets) connections are implemented.
UdpSocket This class allows Gambas programs to communicate using UDP sockets.