comp • gb.form


This component provides a set of enhanced controls.

It can be used with any GUI components.

Author BenoƮt Minisini.
Requires Graphical form management.


Balloon This class displays a message and an optional icon inside a balloon using the tooltip colors.
Bookmarks This class allows to globally manage a list of file bookmarks.
ButtonBox This control is a compound control including a TextBox and a little button besides.
ColorButton This special button allows the user to select a color.
ColorChooser This control is a color selector.
ColorPalette This class implements a color palette as displayed inside the ColorChooser control.
Completion This class allows to implement automatic completion of text field.
DateBox This control allows to edit a date value. It provides a little button that displays a calendar popup.
DateChooser This control is a date selector.
DirBox This control implements a directory selection box.
DirBrowser This control implements an horizontal directory browser.
DirChooser This control allows the user to select a directory.
DirView This control is a TreeView that displays a directory and its child directories.
DocumentView This control implements a paged document viewer.
Expander This controls is a container that can shrink to hide its contents.
FileBox This control implements a file selection box.
FileChooser This control allows the user to select a file, or a list of files in the same directory.
FileCompletion This class implements automatic file completion.
FileProperties This control display the properties of a file inside a TabPanel.
FileView This control displays the files located in a directory.
FontBox This control allows to select a font.
FontChooser This control allows the user to select a font.
IconPanel This class is a multi-container that uses big icons to display its different tabs.
ImageView This control implements an image viewer.
InputBox This class implements a simple input dialog box, similar to the Visual Basic™ one.
LCDLabel This class implements a label that displays its text like a LCD screen.
ListContainer This control is deprecated.
ListEditor This control allows to edit and order a list of values.
MaskBox This control implements a masked editable field.
MenuButton That control is a button with a little arrow on the right that displays an associated popup menu.
Message This class adds a new message box type to the default Message class.
MessageView This class allows to display messages inside a temporary horizontal panel instead of having to use message boxes.
SidePanel This control implements a container that can be hidden or resized.
SliderBox This control is made of a Slider and a SpinBox both synchronized.
SpinBar This control implements a mix between a slider and a spinbox, like the similar control in GIMP.
Spinner This control displays a spinner animation.
Stock This class is used for returning predefined icons.
SwitchButton This class implements a switch button control.
TableView This control is an editable GridView.
TabPanel This control implements a TabStrip replacement that uses light borders.
TimeBox This control allows to enter a time or a duration.
ToolPanel This control implements a toolbox with multiple scrollable vertical toolbar panels.
URLLabel A label displaying a clickable link.
ValueBox This control is an enhanced TextBox that allows the user to enter a formatted value.
Wizard This control is a multi-container that provides a wizard-like interface.