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This component implements a framework for unit-testing and test-driven programming.

With this component you can develop software in a test-driven matter (write test first, program functionality afterwards) and you are able to ensure that on refactoring the desired results of your code stays the same.

Tests are output as TAP so that they can be displayed, analyzed or viewed with any Tap consumer. As each output includes a summary at the end with the string "PASSED" or "FAILED" at the last line you can even view the console output to decide whether the test has been successful or not.

Authors Christof Thalhofer, Tobias Boege, BenoƮt Minisini.


Assert This module extends the Assert instruction, which checks that Expression is TRUE, and if the Expression is FALSE, an uncatchable "Assertion failed" error is raised, the PRINT or ERROR instruction is executed, and the program stops immediately.
Test The class Test is the central class which orchestrates the execution of tests and also gives a couple of tools to manipulate running tests.
TestAssertion This class represents an "ok" or "not ok" line in TAP. It is generated by TapPrinter and TapParser.
TestCommand The class TestCommand stores the names of a testmodule and optional tests to be executed. It also contains methods to translate testcommands to string and vice versa.
TestRunner Lists tests, Run tests, parse output and collect statistics.

For a brief description look at Gambas Unit Testing