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Result = Comp ( String1 AS String , String2 AS String [ , Mode AS Integer ] ) AS Integer

Compares two strings, and returns:

  • 0 if the two strings are equal.

  • 1 if String1 is strictly greater than String2.

  • -1 if String1 is strictly lower than String2.

The Mode parameter can be any combination defined in the Comparison methods page.


Dim command As String = "open"
If Comp(command, "open") = 0 Then Print "open_file"
Dim UserName As String

Print "Please Enter Your User Name:";
Input UserName

If Comp(UserName, "Akiti") = 0 Then
  Print "You Can Enter"
  Print "Sorry, You Cannot Enter"
' This is illustrative example only.
' To actually delete the file you will need to write the proper code.

Dim answer As String

Print "Do you want to delete the file? [y/n]"
Input answer

If Comp(answer, "y", gb.IgnoreCase) = 0 Then

  '...... (code to delete the file)

  ' If succesfull we print the following message
  Print "File Deleted"

  Print "File Not Deleted"

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