lang • dateadd


Result = DateAdd ( Date as Date , Period AS Integer , Count AS Integer ) AS Date

Add a specific period to a given date.

  • Date is the initial date.

  • Period is the kind of period: year, month, day, week...

  • Count is the number of periods to add.

The resulting date is returned.

Period can be one of the following constants:


gb.Second Adds seconds.
gb.Minute Adds minutes.
gb.Hour Adds hours.
gb.Day Adds days.
gb.Week Adds weeks.
gb.WeekDay Adds working days (ignore Saturday and Sunday).
gb.Month Adds months.
gb.Quarter Adds quarters.
gb.Year Adds years.


Dim date1 As Date = Date(1972, 09, 06, 145, 0)
Dim date2 As Date = DateAdd(date1, gb.Minute, 45)
PRINT date1, date2
06.09.1972 01:45:00	06.09.1972 02:30:00

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