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Compress.Open (gb.compress)

Sub Open ( Path As String [ , Level As Integer ] )

Allows you to open a compressed file for reading. Prior to using this method, you have to select the appropiate compression driver.

  • Level: compression level, can be a value from Min value to Max value. If you do not pass this parameter, the default value will be used.


Dim Cz As New Compress

Cz.Type = "bzlib2"
Cz.Open ( "/home/foo/compressed.bz2",Cz.Max )
PRINT #Cz , "Hello, this is a compressed file,"
PRINT #Cz , "using bzlib2 algorithm. Remember that"
PRINT #Cz , "highest compression level provides"
PRINT #Cz , "a little output file, but requires"
PRINT #Cz , "more CPU time"