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Dialog.Filter (gb.qt4)

Static Property Filter As String[]

Returns or sets the filters used by the control for only displaying specific file types.

This property receives a string array having the following structure:

  • The first filter.

  • The first filter description.

  • The second filter.

  • The second filter description.

  • And so on...

A filter string is a list of file patterns with wildcards, separated by a semicolon.

A filter description can be any string. The filter string is automatically appended to the filter description.


Dialog.Title = "Choose a file"
Dialog.Filter = ["*.png;*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.bmp", "Picture files", "*.svg;*.wmf", "Drawing files"]
Dialog.Path = "/home/hjh/spiele/sudoku"
If Dialog.OpenFile() Then
  Return ' User pressed Cancel - does not want to open any file
' User did select a file