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Paint.Rectangle (gb.qt4)

Static Sub Rectangle ( X As Float, Y As Float, Width As Float, Height As Float [ , Radius As Float ] )

Adds a closed sub-path rectangle of the given size to the current path at position (X, Y) in user-space coordinates.

  • X : the X coordinate of the top left corner of the rectangle.

  • Y : the Y coordinate to the top left corner of the rectangle.

  • Width : the width of the rectangle.

  • Height : the height of the rectangle.

This function is logically equivalent to:

Paint.MoveTo(X, Y)
Paint.LineTo(X + Width, Y)
Paint.LineTo(X + Width, Y + Height)
Paint.LineTo(X, Y + Height)

Rounded rectangles

Since 3.4

If the Radius argument is defined, the rectangle will be rounded, Radius being the radius of the round borders.

Radius cannot be bigger that half of the smallest side of the rectangle.