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_Split.Layout (gb.qt4)

Property Layout As Integer[]

Returns or sets the description of the splitter layout.

This property is a comma-separated list of the relative sizes of the children. That is, the proportions of each part of the splitter from top to bottom.

Use it if you want to directly set the layout (see below), or save and restore the splitter layout as adjusted by the user (See Settings.Write and Settings.Read)


  vSplit1.Layout=[1,1]  ' 50:50 i.e. both parts will have the same size
  vSplit1.Layout=[2,1]  ' 66:33 i.e. top part is twice the size of the bottom part
  vSplit1.Layout=[3,1]  ' 75:25 i.e. top part is 3/4 of the available space

Also, note that this applies to Splitters with any number of parts.

  vSplit2.Layout=[1,2,1] ' a three part splitter displayed 25%:50%:25%