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Test.Main (gb.test)

Static Sub Main ( [ Tests As String ] )

The static procedure Test.Main() starts tests. By default it runs all testcases in all testcontainers ordered by name and prints the result to the console.

The optional string Tests ca be used to define a TestSuite which can be used to choose any combination of testcontainers and testcases, separated by comma.

A testcontainer is a special class with the ending test. It must contain at minimum one testcase.

A test case is a public sub in a test container whose name is not "Setup", "Teardown", "SetupEach" or "TeardownEach".

A testcontainer can be choosen by it's name, a testcase by it's testcontainers' name followed by a dot and the name of the testcase.

Example: Test.Main("TestWWW, TestMail.Send, TestMail.Recieve")

runs all testcases in TestWWW and the testcases Send and Recieve of the testcontainer TestMail.

Public methods called "Setup", "Teardown", "SetupEach" or "TeardownEach" can be used to create a testfixture, which defines a special environment for the tests.