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Gambas 2.23.0

What's new

This release is a bug-fix release. The main changes are :

  • A new Romanian translation was added.

  • The Czech and Swedish translations were updated.

  • A memory leak that lead to a crash in enumeration management was fixed.

  • Many bugs in TextBox, TextArea, SpinBox, Menu, gridview, ListBox, and ComboBox controls in he GTK+ component were fixed.

  • The Control.MoveScaled method has been fixed.

  • Table existence is correctly checked in the ODBC component.

  • SQLite integer primary keys are better detected.


* NEW: Add support for Finnish language.
* NEW: Support for the Romanian language.
* NEW: Romanian translation made by Florin Iacob.
* NEW: Czech translation updated by Radek Fryšták and Josef Kubíček.
* NEW: Add desktop and icon files.
* NEW: Swedish translation updated.

* BUG: File.SetExt() now works correctly with files whose name begins with
  a dot.
* BUG: Fix a memory leak that can lead to a crash in enumeration
* BUG: The Stat.Perm[] property correctly returns execution permissions

* BUG: Correctly read long constants whose value is the lower possible Long
* BUG: Define the LLONG_MAX constant if it is not defined.

* NEW: New Czech translation made by Radek Fryšták and Josef Kubíček.

* BUG: Table existence should be checked correctly now.

* BUG: Detect integer primary key whatever the case used to write

* NEW: New Czech translation made by Radek Fryšták and Josef Kubíček.

* NEW: New Czech translation made by Radek Fryšták and Josef Kubíček.

* NEW: New Czech translation made by Radek Fryšták and Josef Kubíček.

* BUG: Cursor is correctly updated with the value of Application.Busy now.
* BUG: Stop Event now works during the Close event of a modal form.
* BUG: Fix a memory leak that leads to a crash in the TextArea.Paste()
* BUG: Fix Label automatic resize.
* BUG: Settings the text of a transparent Label or TextLabel having no text
  works correctly now.
* BUG: SpinBox Value property should always be accurate now.
* BUG: TextBox.Selection.Length now returns the correct value.
* BUG: Calling Menu.Children.Clear() or deleting a menu during a Menu Show
  event should not crash anymore.
* BUG: A parent menu does not raise the Click event anymore.
* BUG: GridView correctly receives the focus now.
* BUG: Draw.Ellipse() now correctly draws a pie when filling is enabled.
* BUG: Fix ComboBox.Add() when the position argument is specified.
* BUG: Fix ListBox.Add() when the position argument is specified.
* BUG: MoveScaled works correctly for positions and sizes that are not a
  multiple of Desktop.Scale.
* BUG: Key[] does not print GTK+ warning anymore when getting a null
  string as argument.
* BUG: Mouse.Blank cursor works as expected now.
* BUG: Relative font sizes are correctly interpreted in rich text now.

* NEW: Asynchronous FtpClient and HttpClient objects are now automatically
  kept alive until their operation is finished.

* BUG: MoveScaled works correctly for positions and sizes that are not a
  multiple of Desktop.Scale.


To compile Gambas, you must install the following libraries on your system :


Libraries & requirements
gb.gtk All GTK+ libraries >= 2.10
gb.qt >= 3.3
gb.qt.kde All KDE 3 libraries >= 3.5
gb.v4l,,Video4Linux >= 2.0
gb.xml libxml-2.0
gb.xml.xslt libxslt

And do not forget to install all related development packages!

Try to always use a recent version of these libraries.

You must compile gb.qt4 and /wiki/comp/gb.qt.ext components to have a working development environment.

You must have the right to write to /tmp, otherwise Gambas will not work.

This package was done with the following versions of GNU tools on Ubuntu 10.10:

  • automake 1.11.1

  • autoconf 2.67

  • libtool 2.2.6b

Compilation & Installation

Check installation

First, check that you installed all the needed libraries, and especially all the development packages.

Do not forget to look at the Compilation & Installation page. Maybe you will find important information specific to your distribution.

Source package configuration

When you are sure that everything is installed, type the following magic sentences in a shell.

'$' represents your shell prompt, and '...' are the messages printed during the configuration and compilation.

First, type that to create the configuration scripts.

$ ./reconf-all

Then type that to analyze the current system and configure the package:

$ ./configure -C

If a library or a development package is missing, then you will be warned that some components are disabled.

There are more 'configure' specific explanations in the INSTALL file located in the top-level source directory. I invite you to read them.


If everything is configured without error, then run this command to compile the program:

$ make


If everything compiles without error, then enter this command to install everything:

You must be root to install Gambas on your system.

$ su -c "make install"
Password: <Type the root password here>


$ sudo make install
Password: <Type your password here>


If you did several successive compilations, after having updated the source from the subversion repository for example, and if something fails during all this process, you can try to "reconfigure" the configuration scripts by typing the following command:

$ ./reconf-all

Then you can run ./configure -C again

If it does not work, I need to know what happened exactly. To do so, type the following command :

$ ( ./configure -C; make; make install ) > output.txt 2>&1

And send me the file "output.txt" by mail, with every other detail about your computer and your distribution you find useful.

Running Gambas

If everything was fine, type "gambas2" to run the development environment.

Enjoy it !

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