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Gambas 3.15.1

What's new?

This release includes important bug fixes made since the 3.15.0 release.

Compilation and installation

Read the instructions there.

If everything was fine, type "gambas3" to run the development environment.

Enjoy it !



  • Send the test suite name and not the full test list to the tested program.

  • Always ensure that the terminal bottom is visible once a program or a test is finished.

  • Update Gambas 16 Medium font.

  • Project property dialog: remove white background color of icon button.

  • Change the Run menu into Continue when the debugger is running.

  • Disable Run with menu when the debugger is running.

  • If not editor is found for $EDITOR, display a warning message.

  • Automatically set the $EDITOR environmental variable if not set.

  • Update French translation.

  • Compressing a void file does not crash anymore.

  • Compressing or uncompressing a file now marks the project as modified.

  • Search dialog: Global replace does not lock text editors anymore.

  • Version control: Fix git branch listing.


  • Fix the &= operator optimization.


  • Workaround stupid postgresql macro definitions that make the component unusable.


  • TrayIcon: Update the DBus menu only if necessary.


  • On KDE5, don't try to use old KDE4 wallet if it is not available.


  • Fix again automatic insertion of string delimiters.


  • Setting action tooltip does not crash anymore on menus.


  • Remove some useless X11-related includes.


  • Remove some useless X11-related includes.


  • Fix a typo in an help comment.

  • Ignore case of method names of test fixtures.