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Gambas 3.3.4

What's new

This release fixes thirty-nine bugs found in Gambas since the release of the 3.3.3 version.

Use it instead of any previous 3.3.x version.


* NEW: Use a SidePanel to display the stack backtrace.
* BUG: The name of GridView controls is now always visible in the form
* BUG: Events of class written in Gambas are correctly detected now.
* BUG: Automatic local variable declaration now correctly analyze
  expressions like "A.B" in all cases.
* BUG: Fix scrolling of code editor procedure list.
* BUG: Automatic local variable declaration now works correctly when a
  method named "Get" is called inside the analyzed expression.
* BUG: Fix an infinite loop when choosing a fixed font for the search list
  after the default font has been changed from the option dialog.

* BUG: Implicit array conversion now correctly preserves dimensions.
* BUG: Fix profiling of WAIT instruction.
* BUG: Using Enum.Index outside of an enumeration now raises an error
  instead of crashing.
* BUG: Fix a crash in String.Comp() when one of the two string is null.
* BUG: NULL can be converted to a pointer now.

* BUG: DB.Quote(..., True) now does a table name quoting in all cases.

* BUG: The database controls now can handle table names that are reserved
  SQL keywords.
* BUG: Correctly handle null values when sorting a DataSource.
* BUG: DataSource.Table contents is automatically trimmed before being sent
  to the database driver.

* BUG: Desktop.ActiveWindow really works now.

* BUG: MaskBox and ButtonBox controls with no mask now should act like a
  normal TextBox for popup menu and focus events.
* BUG: GridView does not crash anymore if all rows are hidden (i.e. if
  their height is zero).
* BUG: GridView is correctly updated now when the Border property is set.
* BUG: Removing GridView rows correctly resets the row heights.

* BUG: Fix event handling when a window has only invisible top-level menus.
* BUG: Fix a possible crash in TrayIcon mouse wheel event handling.
* BUG: Fix string to Font conversion for fonts whose name starts with
  "nan" or other special numeric strings.
* BUG: Reparenting a container correctly keeps the visibility state of its
* BUG: Foreground color is now correctly preserved when reparenting.
* BUG: Fix crash in menu deletion.
* BUG: Label, TextLabel, PictureBox and MovieBox now draw their plain
  border with the foreground color, like gb.qt4 does.
* BUG: Scrollbar width is correctly respected.
* BUG: Setting the background color of a Panel should not have spurious
  effects anymore (they were due to the internal reparenting).
* BUG: Fix reparenting when there is a TabStrip in the process.
* BUG: The mouse cursor is correctly inherited from the parent control if
  the Mouse property is set to Mouse.Default.
* BUG: Fix management of multiple modal dialogs and popups.

* BUG: Image.RotateRight() now really rotates to the right.
* BUG: Fix Image.RotateRight() algorithm.

* BUG: Image.Histogram() now correctly handle ABGR images.
* BUG: Remove a debugging message.

* BUG: Paint.DrawRichText() now takes the color opacity into account.
* BUG: Compilation with new gcc should be fixed.
* BUG: The menubar height is now correctly updated after a font change.

Compilation and installation

Read the instructions there.

If everything was fine, type "gambas3" to run the development environment.

Enjoy it !

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