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Control (gb.gtk)

This class is the parent class of all controls, except Menu.

This class is not creatable.


Methods Events
Returns or sets the background color used by the control.
Use this property for assigning a custom cursor to a control.
Indicates that the control is in design mode.
Returns or sets if a control accepts drops.
Indicates that the control is enabled.
Returns or sets if a control will expand if included in a container that arranges its contents.
Returns or sets the font used to draw text in the control.
Returns or sets the foreground color used by the control.
H   Handle   HasFocus   Height   Hovered   Id   Ignore   Left  
Returns or sets the appearence of the cursor when it points inside the control.
Name   Next   NoTabFocus   Parent   PopupMenu   Previous   Proxy   ScreenX   ScreenY   Tag   Tooltip   Top   Tracking   Visible   W   Width   Window   X   Y  
Delete   Drag   Grab   Hide   Lower   Move   MoveScaled   Raise   Refresh   Reparent   Resize   ResizeScaled   SetFocus   Show   DblClick   Drag   DragLeave   DragMove   Drop   Enter   GotFocus   KeyPress   KeyRelease   Leave   LostFocus   Menu   MouseDown   MouseDrag   MouseMove   MouseUp   MouseWheel  

All events raised by the Control class are native events. Beware that they are raised even if the Enabled property is FALSE.

Beware that some controls or containers implemented in Gambas may not raise all native events as expected, because those native events may have been "eaten" by the control implementation.