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Mouse (gb.gtk)

This class is used for getting information about a mouse event from another control, or about the mouse in general. It defines the constants used with the Mouse property.

Information about mouse events is available during mouse event handlers only!

This class is static.

Static properties

Static methods Constants
Alt   Button   Click   Control   Delta   Forward   Left   Meta   Middle   Normal   Orientation   Right   ScreenX   ScreenY   Shift   StartX   StartY   State   X   Y   Inside  
Moves the cursor on the screen at a specified position.
Arrow   Blank   Cross   Custom   Default   Horizontal   Pointing   SizeAll   SizeE   SizeH   SizeN   SizeNE   SizeNESW   SizeNW   SizeNWSE   SizeS   SizeSE   SizeSW   SizeV   SizeW   SplitH   SplitV   Text   Vertical   Wait  

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