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XmlWriter (gb.xml)

This class allows you to write a XML file using a linear mode, that is, once you open a XML file for writting, you have to write each node in order, from the first node to the last one, and from the more superficial to the deeper one. It is less flexible than the XML tree model, but can be easier to use for some tasks. It can use less memory resources too for larger files.

The XML file can be written to a file or stored in memory, so you can use it as a string.

This class is creatable.


DTD   Data   OutputStream   Attribute   CDATA   Close   Comment   Element  
Returns the full document.
EndElement   Flush  
Opens an XML for writting. You have to call it prior to use any of the XmlWriter object methods.
Writes an XML PI node.
Starts a XML node, called TagName. If that node contains some attributes, you can place it in Attributes as a String array, each attribute must be a pair of strings, the first string is the attribute name, and the second one is the attribute value. Prefix is the namespace prefix, and URI the namespace URI of that node.